Becoming a partner As easy as packing a box

Our Goal

Together with our partner network we aim to preservere resources, promote a conscious and environmentally friendly use of clothes and avoid landfill.

We offer:

  • A take-back system for unwanted clothes, shoes and household textiles as an additional service for your customers
  • Branded or white label, online or instore, nationally and internationally - we will develop the right solution with you
  • The entire infrastructure, administration and operating of the take-back process, including customer support
  • An add-on to your CSR- and sustainability goals
  • A network of experts for textile reuse, recycling and for upcycling solutions

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Becoming a partner As easy as packing a box

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The best of it all: We handle all the operations for you.


Offering solutions for the end of life of textiles is becoming more and more important as regulations and consumer awareness are increasing. TEXAID, PACKMEE’s parent company, offers custom-made services for retailers, fashion brands, textile producers and distributors. Its solutions cover an extensive and complementary part of the reverse supply chain, overstock operations, off-season inventories, online returns, store leftovers and take-back returns.

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PACKMEE was founded in 2012 and since December of 2015, it is a brand name of the TEXAID Group. PACKMEE benefits from TEXAID’s high-level expertise and long-term experience. TEXAID was established in 1978 as a charitable private partnership of aid associations such as the Swiss Red Cross, Caritas Switzerland, Winter Aid Switzerland, Solidar Suisse (formerly Swiss Worker’s Relief Agency), Kolping Switzerland and HEKS in collaboration with another company. With approximately 1,100 employees (M/F), TEXAID collects, sorts and sells approximately 80.000 tons of gently worn clothing, as well as clothing not suitable for wear annually.

More information about TEXAID is available at: or